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About Nrithya

Nrithya’17 is a intercollege dance fest conducted as a part of Tharang’17. This is a techno cultural fest conducted by Jyothi Engineering College Cheruthuruthy. It started in 2015 and gained a momentum among colleges in Kerala. Various colleges from all over the state gained an attraction through this event. So this time let the chance be yours to be the winner.

Rules and regulations

Must be a group performance

Each group can have 8 to 15 members

The duration of the performance should be between 4 to 10 minutes

The registration should be done on or before 18th February 2017 by email uploading a 3 minute video of the group performance to

No vulgar, obscene and explicit dresses, movements or songs will be entertained.

All groups need to provide their own music files in .mp3 format and should be equipped with their own costumes, makeup and other accessories required.

Use of cigarettes, drugs and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited

Any participant(s)/team involving in any kind of disciplinary/mischievous activities will be disqualified and any kind of damage to the institute’s property in any form will be lead to disciplinary action as per the institute rules.

The team coordinator will be personally responsible for the conduct of team members.

Team must report at least 45 minutes before the competition begins.

Each participant is required to bring their college ID cards and a Bonafide letter from the head of their respective institutions.
Prizes to Be Won!!!
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
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Mr. Aneesh Chandran
Staff coordinator
Akash Thomas
Student Coordinator
Ashith Wilson
Student Coordinator