Every good thing must come to an end and to make Tharang17 more colourful and even better, masala coffee, a band consisting of awesome musicians would be coming over, to Lulu International Convention Centre, Thrissur and they are going to spend their time with us.

So guyz, on 25th February, when the sun sets, the stage would be set for them and we, the students of Jyothi whole heatedly welcomes you for our event.


Masala Coffee is a Kerala-based music band formed in 2014. They became famous through music videos on the popular music show Music Mojo on Kappa TV. The band performs basically in the genres of Indian folk, pop and rock.

Why Them?

Masala Coffee burst into the independent music scene with its eclectic mix of songs. The band has dished out songs of all genres – ranging from rock to melody to folk. The songsters are coming out to cultural capital to make it a band-lovers' haven

Best Way to Blend

The band has an experience in different genres of music collaborating each one to get an unique sound that Masala Coffee has evolved into. The band has derived its name from its vision to create a blend of all genres of music brought together under the same aura of passion.